Our Story

We started our journey into the wonderful world of Samoyeds in 2010. Like most of you we started shopping for a Samoyed Puppy using the various lists provided by all the credible looking sources available on the Internet. Every breeder on those lists either never called back, had nothing to offer, and/or a long waitlist. Like many of you we began to wonder why was it so hard to find a Samoyed Puppy?  Our kids were getting impatient and we were getting frustrated.  

What were we doing wrong?  

The answer to that question was simple: We needed to stop searching for a puppy and shop for a breeder. I know that sounds ridiculous to shop for a breeder and not a puppy, but it turned out to be very important.

Dishonest breeders prey on the desperate puppy buyer. Desperation tends to create the perfect storm for an unfortunate scenario to take place. The phrase “May the odds be forever in your favor” applies to the risk you are taking when buying a puppy from the first breeder that says “yes”. It happened to us.  We fell victim to a high-end puppy mill. The signs were all there but we did not see them.  

There are some people that do not care about where they get their puppy from as long as it appears healthy and everyone is happy then the “no harm was done” mentality justifies the means to the ends.  Our own frustration blinded us as well. Instead of sweeping our mistake under the rug, we decided to use our experience to educate people who are trying to find a Samoyed puppy.

Fortunately for us we learned from our mistake and found mentors that were willing to help us find the right two Samoyeds for our family and to participate in the dog show world.  WyteRose Samoyeds was founded on the principle that we remain a small family owned and operated kennel and that we make sure every puppy that we put on this planet was given it’s best shot at a great life. We do this through education, seminars, earning AKC Championships, health screening, applicant screening, and educating puppy buyers.

We still offer honest guidance and advice to people that contact us about puppies. We are not greedy and we try to offer our advice openly and freely. It is in our opinion that if we arm each puppy buyer with the right information, then they will find the right kennel that suits their timeline/needs.

 Thank you for taking the time to get to know about WyteRose Samoyeds

The WyteRose Family

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