Welcome to Our NEW Application / Reservation Process

  • Step 1:  Submit an Online Application!
    • Click on “Apply/Reserve” Tab and then choose “Apply Now!”.  
    • Our “Customer Concierge” will contact you when your application is being reviewed with important information that you will need to have ready to complete your Application Package.  
    • Once an application has been reviewed our “Customer Concierge” will notify you of your status. Unfortunately not every candidate is right for our kennel just as not every kennel is not right for each candidate.  
    • Applicants that have passed the initial review will be asked to send in any remaining documentation that is needed to complete their Application Package.  
    • Once your Application Package is complete you will advance to Step 2.
  • Step 2:  Schedule your Interview!
    • This is your time to shine and talk to the owners of WyteRose Samoyeds.  
    • They may have some outstanding questions regarding your application package and you get to ask questions of your own!  
    • The interview is not formal and is normally done over the phone.  
    • Once the interview is complete you will be notified of your status.
    • Please Note:  Approved Applicants have one year to make a reservation.
  • Step 3:  Make a Reservation! 
    • Approved Applicants that are ready to move forward need to submit a Reservation by requesting a Reservation Agreement from our “Customer Concierge”.
    • Reservations allow each approved applicant to set certain terms in order to reserve a slot on one of our litters.  Please see a copy of our Reservation Form under our Contract Tab form more details. 
    • REQUIRES a $350 REFUNDABLE Deposit (only if we cannot fulfill the reservation). 
    • Existing Reservations can be changed by submitting a new reservation (subject to APPROVAL by the OWNERS of WyteRose Samoyeds).
    • Please Note:  A Reservation is not a guarantee that you will get a puppy. 
  • Step 4:  Puppy Sales Contract!
      • Once a Reservation is attached to a Signed and Approved Puppy Sales Contract it is considered fulfilled and cannot be changed.
      • The $350 Reservation Deposit will be applied towards the deposit due on the Puppy Sales Contract.
      • An example of our Puppy Sales Contract can be found under our contract tab. 

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