WyteRose’s Puppy Package

Every WyteRose Samoyeds’ Puppy Goes Home with:

  1. Puppy Sales Agreement.
  2. AKC Folder and Pampletes.
  3. AKC Litter Pedigree.
  4. A copy of our AKC Registration Paperwork and/or Instructions.  AKC will mail the puppy’s Registration and Pedigree directly to the Buyer.  
  5. Puppy’s Health Records.
  6. AKC ReUnite International Microchip (PRE-REGISTERED).
  7. WyteRose Samoyeds’ Puppy 101 Instructions (Potty Training, Basic Obedience, Feeding Instructions, etc…).
  8. Food (Please see Puppy Sales Contract).
  9. Treats (20oz Bag).
  10. Bloat Emergency Kit.
  11. Vitamins (See Puppy Sales Contract).
  12. Grooming Tools (Comb and Rake).
  13. Puppy Blanket.
  14. Favorite Toy.
  15. Coat Freshener.
  16. Dog Collar (Martingale or Regular) in Buyer’s Choice of Color or Pattern (proudly made in the USA).
  17. Double Handled Leash.
  18. WyteRose Samoyed’s Signature Snowflake Pet-ID Tag.
  19. Sample of Pure Paws Shampoo/Conditioner/Dry Shampoo.
  20. and a few more surprises ……..



WyteRose Samoyeds Reserves the Right to change ”The WyteRose Package” without notice.
Actual items may vary depending on product availability.

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