Welcome to WyteRose Samoyeds’ FAQ Page

Q:  How much are your puppies?

A:  If you have been shopping for a Samoyed Puppy, then you are most likely already familiar with the proper pricing for a Samoyed Puppy.  If you find a Samoyed at a much lower price, then you better do your do diligence before purchasing your puppy.  


    • WyteRose PET Quality Puppy prices can vary between: $2800-$3000.  We often get asked about why we have price range instead of a fixed price and the answer is not simple.  We are a small family owned and operated breeder.  We offer a family touch and many perks that other breeders do not consider.  
    • ALL of our PET Quality Puppies receive an AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION and PEDIGREE.
    • ALL of our puppies go home with an extensive WyteRose GIFT Package.  
    • ALL of our puppies go home with our standard Health Guarantee.
    • Our Reservation Process allows our approved applicants to establish criteria that match their timeline and budget.  A copy of the Reservation Agreement can be found under our Contract tab.



    • Experienced SHOW Homes: $3500 (AKC FULL REGISTRATION).
    • New SHOW Homes: $3500 (AKC Registration and Contract will be  customized to each scenario). 
    • Hybrid Homes: $3000 (Want to know more?  Visit our Contract(s) tab to learn more about this special program)
    • SHOW QUALITY in a PET HOME: $3000-$3500 
    • ALL of our puppies go home with a WyteRose GIFT Package
    • ALL Puppies that are SHOW Quality receive a 3 year Genetic Health Guarantee.


Q:  How can I make sure that I get matched to a puppy within my budget?

A:  All of our Approved Homes have one year to make a Reservation.  A Reservation allows each Approved Home to specify things like:  Preferred Price Point, Time Frame, Litter Preference, Sire and/or Dam Preference, Male/Female/No Preference Puppy.  We are unique in the fact that we let the applicant set the terms for their reservation.  

Q:  How many reservations do you typically accept and how will I know where I stand?

A:  The answer to this question is dependent on many factors:

  • Nature:     A female dog goes into season up to 2 times a year.
  • Breeding:  Did the breeding take (there is a very slim window for breeding)?
  • Blessing:   Were we blessed with a successful healthy Litter 65 days later?
  • Timing:     How many reservations are wanting a puppy when the litter is born?  
  • Selection:  How many reservations want Females, Males, No Preferences?
We have a system in place that takes all the factors that are in constant motion into consideration when planning our breedings and accepting new reservations.  

Q:  How do you keep the reservation system from becoming oversaturated?

A:  The owners are very selective when it comes to the interview stage.  They look over the complete application package and decide exactly who they want to interview and in what order.  Why?  When a client takes home a WyteRose puppy they are also joining our WyteRose Extended Family.  Unfortunately not everyone is a good fit for our kennel and vice versa. 

Q:  Do you offer discount programs?

A: WyteRose Samoyeds does NOT currently offer a discount program.  

Q:  How are WyteRose Samoyeds’ puppies raised?

A:  Our puppies are raised in our home and are supervised 24 hours a day.  While they are here at WyteRose we provide them with the necessary health care performed by a licensed veterinarian.  Our puppies receive plenty of TLC, Early Development Training, Mental Stimulation, Exposure to all kind of Sounds, Socialization, road trips, crate training, and potty training. Typically by the 8th week each of our puppies are potty and crate trained (although results may vary when you get them home).  

Q:  Why should I buy a WyteRose Samoyeds’ puppy?

A: When you purchase a WyteRose Samoyed puppy you are getting something very special.  Each new owner becomes part of our WyteRose Extended Family Program.  We want to keep in touch with our homes and we are always available to provide help/guidance along your journey with your new puppy.  We have a vested interest in every puppy that we place, and we strive to make sure that NONE of our puppy/dogs wind up in a shelter.  If that does happen and you cannot be located we see to it that the puppy/dog is pulled and we will do our do diligence to locate you.  If you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer provide for your puppy/dog, we will gladly step in and see to it that the proper steps are taken based on your situation.  

Q:  What is included in the WyteRose’s Puppy Package?

A: Each of our puppies receives:  Click Here to view WyteRose’s Puppy Package.

Q:  Why are Samoyeds so hard to find?

A: You can ask each breeder the same question and you will probably get a different answer each time.  However it all boils down to Samoyeds are not bred in large numbers for a very good reason.  Reputable Samoyed Breeders work extremely hard to preserve and improve upon the bloodlines that they took years to craft.  This requires a lot of work that you do not find in more common dog breeds.  Every reputable breeder out there takes pride in what they create and they make sure to exhibit their Samoyeds at dog shows.  That is why most Samoyed puppies come from AKC Champion/Grand Champion Sires & Dams.  The work that goes into creating each puppy is exhausting, but it becomes totally worth it when you see the smiles on the faces of their new families.  We work extra hard to give each puppy it’s best chance at a great life.

Q:  Why do I need to care about AKC Paperwork and Championships if I just want a pet?

A:  When you buy a car do you do your research before you head to the dealership?  When buying a new home do you make sure that the builder did his job and has the paperwork to prove it?  The “paperwork” that comes from a reputable breeder shows whether or not they did their do diligence before and after creating the puppy/dog that you are looking to purchase.  The paperwork turns out to be very important because it usually translates into healthier puppies/dogs.  

Q:   Is it safe to assume that the breeders that you used are reputable?  

A:   NO.  The one thing we have learned over the years is that everyone’s experience with a breeder can be VERY different.  NEVER assume that a breeder that worked well for someone else will equate to a great experience for you.  The breeder and dog show world is cut throat and we are determined to distance ourselves from those that would undermine anyone in order to achieve their own goals.  

Q:  How do I find a reputable breeder?

A:  A reputable breeder is willing to talk to you about their breeding program and answer your questions.  They should have an application and thorough vetting process that includes talking to you.  The lists of “Breeders” that are out on the internet are unfortunately not bullet proof even if they came from a reputable source.   Basically if something does not feel right … then no matter how badly you want a puppy you need to move on to the next breeder.  

Q:  How do I know WyteRose Samoyeds is a reputable breeder?

A: We pride ourselves on being upstanding members of the Samoyed Club of America, Potomac Vally Samoyed Club, and AKC “Bred with HEART” Program.  We have a thorough vetting process that includes talking to each applicant before deciding upon who will be eligible to join our WyteRose Extended Family Program.  Our Samoyeds live in our homes and sleep in our beds.  We care about what we produce and if we have an issue we address it head on and do not hide from it.  

Since we started WyteRose as a family venture with strong values and ties to the community that we live in we uphold ourselves to a standard that applies to everything we do as a family.  Since we are not originally “from the dog show world” or a “legacy kennel” we are free to take a fresh approach to everything we want to do.  We are not afraid to publish the information about our kennel on our website and facebook page.  It is important to us that each applicant feels comfortable with our process and there are no surprises. 

Q:  How hard is it to take care of a Samoyed?

A:  If you start off on the right foot with the right breeder, then taking care of a Samoyed can be very easy.  FOR EXAMPLE: We make sure to socialize each puppy properly and teach them that brushing their coat and doing their nails are nothing to be feared.  We introduce them to all sorts of objects and sounds so that they are all well prepared for their adventure with their new owners. The key to a Samoyed’s heart is LOVE and FUN.  If you make everything FUN they WILL enjoy whatever you require of them.  

Q:  How do you maintain a Samoyed’s coat?

A:  The best way to maintain a Samoyed’s coat is do grab a “greyhound comb” and line comb your puppy/dog at least once a week.  We started the process from the moment our Samoyed’s opened their eyes.  Once your puppy/dog grows the harsher outer coat he/she will look start to look like an “awkward teenager” until the transformation is complete.  When the soft undercoat starts to come loose you use a “special rake” to collect the under coat.  You will know when it is time to break out the rake and collect the soft under coat as you will notice that your puppy/dog shedding.  If you ignore the need to regularly line comb and rake your Samoyed when necessary you will have a hot mess.

More Info: The Samoyed typically blows their soft undercoat 2 times a year.  When that happens the typical reaction of the owner is to send the dog to the groomer.  That is not necessarily a bad thing as long as the groomer knows how to care for a Samoyed’s coat.  Unexperienced groomers WILL most likely shave the coat, especially if it was not properly maintained by the owner.   Shaving a Samoyed’s coat is unhealthy for them and often ruins their coat FOREVER.  The Silver Tips (aka harsher outter coat) is never to be shaved unless it is medically necessary.  The Silver Tips protect the Samoyed throughout the seasons.  If you keep in mind that a Samoyed’s coat is just like a fine wine.  When properly maintained properly it blossoms and becomes whole bodied and absolutely delightful.

NOTE: We plan on posting more information about grooming a Samoyed and the proper tools that we recommend.  Keep checking back in….we are just getting started with all the useful information that we have collected over the years.

Q:  Do Samoyeds make great service dogs?

A:  YES!  When obtained from a reputable breeder a Samoyed makes a wonderful Service and/or Therapy dog.  They are like sponges.  We started training our service & therapy dogs as soon as they arrived at our homes.  The training process is different for each medical need but to the dog it becomes as simple as breathing.  They bond to their handler and learn their job.  Eventually they start picking up on signals and staying in constant sync with their handler.  

Our very own Sadie Mae is a service dog to a WyteRose family member.  She provides her handler with mobility assistance, stability, comfort, and help retrieving items.  Sadie Mae also knows a series of commands that put her into “emergency” mode for her handler, and  she closely monitors her handler’s movements to see if she should take a break.  The most wonderful part is that she learned 95% of this by spending every moment with her handler since she was 11 weeks old.  Not every Samoyed is right for the job.  It takes a well bred Samoyed to qualify for the honor of being a service and/or therapy dog.

Q:  How are Samoyeds around children?

A:  If you have read the history of the Samoyed you would already know the answer to that question.  ALL Samoyeds should have a lovely temperament to be around children.  A reputable breeder makes sure that their Samoyeds are even tempered before even considering them for their breeding program.  They should also have exposed their puppies to children of all ages (including sticky fingers and crying babies).  Samoyeds make great companions for families with or without children.

Q:  Are Samoyed’s Hypoallergenic? 

A:  Unfortunately the information saying that they are Hypoallergenic is not exactly correct. In fact, no dog is really hypoallergenic as they can pick up dander from other pets and carry it into your home. The Samoyed is a double coated breed which helps keep the dander close to their body. However when it becomes time to blow that gorgeous undercoat the phrase “Let it Snow” comes to mind.  There are many ways to manage the amount of dander you are exposed to but it is not fool proof. When it comes to pet allergies we can work with your allergist to determine if this is the right breed for you.

Q:  Can I visit your facility before applying? 

A:  No.  We are not a large kennel operation with a single facility.  Our Samoyeds sleep in our homes and beds.  Once your application is approved we can schedule a meet and greet.  

Q:  Do you sell Internationally? 

A:  No.  Currently we only sell to clients that live in the United States.   

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